Freeze frame

by Dege Legg

Do you like taking photos? Got that new digital camera for Christmas and are ready to put it to some productive use? Are you an avid bird watcher or an aspiring CC Lockwood?

Regardless, now is the time to join up with some fellow photographers and do some shop talking. The Lafayette Photographic Society meets on the second and fourth Mondays of every month at 7 p.m. at Acadiana Open Channel (700 Lee Ave. Lafayette. 232-4434). The next meeting takes place tonight, Jan. 10.

Founded by Clarence Rogers in 1971, the Lafayette Photography Society group is characterized by a desire to learn new approaches and a willingness to help others with photographic hurdles. The membership is an amalgamation of both retired and working engineers, teachers, geologists, public relations' consultants, housewives and includes many members who bring their part-time professional photographic experiences. Together the entire club hones its skills on portrait, pictorial, photojournalism, tabletop, travel, and nature photography. However, experience is not a requirement to join this organization. No matter the level of expertise, new members are welcomed into the organization.

The Lafayette Photographic Society offers the following:

1. Bi-monthly meetings at 7:00p.m. on the second and fourth Mondays of the month at 700 Lee Avenue. Acadiana Open Channel

2. Educational programs and guest speakers.

3. Inter-club projected image and print competitions.

4. Intra-club GSCCC projected image and print competitions

5. Group Photographic Excursions

6. Photographic Sessions (complete with models and displays)

7. Participation in GSCCC and PSA Conferences

For more information about the Lafayette Photography Society, visit
or email [email protected]/

Acadiana Open Channel
124 East Main Street
Lafayette, LA 70501-6922
(337) 232-4434