Party Girl

Party Girl 01.19.11

Bonnie lasses at Tilted Kilt provided warm hospitality on the coldest night of the year at January's Business After Hours sponsored by the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce. The pub's laid-back atmosphere allowed the crowd to comfortably mingle while noshing on hearty fare, including spicy chicken wings, chicken and bacon wraps, nachos, fries and pizza. Guests from the legal, insurance, real estate, architecture and food service fields enjoyed posing for pics with the kilt-clad servers and bartenders.

Courtney Reynolds, Michael LeBlanc and Anna Uriegas Motty

Debi Nogle, Chasity Hooks and Holly Haley

Dana Hart and Chef John Panaro

Devon Colson, Buddy Couvillion, Anna Uriegas Motty, Charles Sarver, Adam Credeur and Paulina Reed

Eddie Lau and Yee Lim

Lonnie and Debi Nogle

Mike Leatherman and A.J. Miller