Skate & redeploy

by Dege Legg

Grip it and rip it at the grand opening of Lafayette's The Spot Skatepark on Jan 29.

Lafayette has a long and storied skate scene. Beginning in the mid-70s with legendary skaters like Vance Carlin and Rocky Jackson to the hardcore-punk influenced 1980s and vert skating to the dominance of street skating in the 90s to what you have now, which is mix of all the above, it's all pretty rad. And it's just getting better. The kids coming up rip there is just no denying it. Part of the tradition of skating is having cool places to skate.

Dave Wattigny, owner & operator of The Spot Skatepark

You may not know Dave Wattigny, but he's been involved, in one way or another, with the Lafayette skate scene for over 20 years from throwing together backyards ramps, constructing over 30 indoor and outdoor skateparks around the country to building everything almost everything worth skating in Lafayette since 1994 including the Dust Bowl to Buck Nuttys, and the old Skate Spot.

His latest venture is as owner and operator of The Spot skatepark. Right across the parking lot from the old Skatespot (which closed last year), it's Lafayette's newest and only official skatepark full ramps, vert, rails, stairs, etc.

Dave and the krewe at The Spot Skatepark throw their grand opening on Jan. 29. There'll be door prizes, a product toss, a best trick contest with a cash prize for first place, food, and bunch of dudes ripping hard. Skaters from neighboring cities and states will be there as well as locals and hoard of skate teams. Be at The Spot skatepark (4305 Johnston St. Suite C. 534-4392) on Jan 29.



Favorite food?

Least favorite food?
I'm over Tex Mex.

Favorite Record of Past 10 Years?
Any Wes Anderson soundtrack.

Raddest old school Lafayette skater, pre-1988?
Wow. That's tough. It's tie between Heath Copes and Charlie Thomas.

Charlie Thomas, late 80s

Raddest new school skater?
DJ Goudin or Sam Breaux. The way someone skates is so hard to judge.

DJ Goudin

**Sam Breaux

WTF was up with skaters and those big ass Jango/JNCO jeans in the 90s? It was like Elephantitis of the bell bottoms.
Aerodynamics! I guess some of those kids were into raves. I never wore that stuff.


Then vs. Now

Skinny jeans

Favorite land mammal that isn't a rat?
My dog buzz (Australian Scarrier).


Favorite worst movie ever made?
Pearl Harbor.

Favorite Nutty Historical Figure?

Weapon of choice?
Time machine.

Time machine/UFO

Favorite Truck Stop food when on road?
Sunflower seeds.

Most necessary item to bring on road?
A good attitude.

Favorite icon who isn't a skater?
Mark Zuckerberg the guy who owns Faceballs. That guy made it happen...chess style.

Mark Zuckerberg

Favorite reason to party hard Bon Scott-style?
You can't take the party with you when you die. You got to leave the torch behind for the young bucks.

Favorite reason to call your grandmother up and talk to her in a weird voice like Dave Mustaine of Megadeth?
Because she can still tell it's me under all the misbehaving.