Broussard cuts ties with chamber

by Walter Pierce

Mayor Charlie Langlinais is mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore.

Incensed over the F given to state Sen. Mike Michot by the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce on the legislative scorecard it released a few weeks ago, Broussard Mayor Charlie Langlinais has dropped his city's membership in the business organization. In a Jan. 27 letter to chamber leadership obtained by The Independent, Langlinais scolds the chamber and asks for a refund of his membership dues: Ladies and gentlemen:
I have had some issue with your public positions over the last several years. I disagree with your recent position on grading of our legislative delegation. I am stunned by your grading of Sen. Mike Michot. I can't think of a stronger and more proactive supporter of the chamber and the area than Mike Michot. I am withdrawing my (our) chamber membership. Please refund any pro-rated subscription dues to the above address!
Charles E. Langlinais
Mayor - City of Broussard Langlinais' reaction to the chamber scorecard came the day after both The Ind and its sister publication, ABiz, published an editorial ("RE: Chamber Maimed") and an article ("F Bomb"), respectively, about the fallout from the scorecard. Langlinais' initial reaction to Michot's F, registered in the comment section on-line for "F Bomb," was more visceral:
To the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce:
YOU CAN PULL my membership/participation from Lafayette Chamber of Commerce. HOW DARE the chamber listing Mike Michot with an F.....he has been the strongest and most visible proponent of Lafayette and Chamber for years!
Charles E. Langlinais Contact Monday, Langlinais declined further comment on the matter.