Party Girl

Party Girl 02.02.11

Gallery at City Club's Winter Art Show reception had patrons all abuzz about the talent and variety offered by Lafayette area artists. Featured artists for the January/February/March exhibit are Candace Greer, Julie Siracusa, Caroline Chunn McCarthy, Kerry Griechen, Eddie Granger and Jacques Royal. The chefs of City Club provided fresh fruit and tasty wraps for patrons to nibble while sipping wine. An intriguing piece included Granger's "From Dusk Till Dawn," so named because he literally painted it during that time period. Griechen's painting-like photographs of New Orleans landmarks and a vivid streetcar captivated visitors native to the Big Easy. Greer's enchanting paintings of boats and seafood paid homage to Louisiana's bounties from the Gulf, while Siracusa's paintings and drawings with spiritual origins conjured images of classic beauty. Admiring the artworks were Karen Lippman and Duaine Demny, Elizabeth and Pit Hesterly and Marty and Lee Audiffred.

The Second Saturday Artwalk of December showed that great art is not limited by age. Cité Des Arts featured 21 pieces by Evan Daigle, a 17-year-old junior from Lafayette High. Cité's artist of the month, Evan offered a clever mix of his photography and original artwork, drawing art walkers to the gallery by the dozen. Daigle's work is bringing a new appreciation for the arts from Acadiana's teenage community and was showcased at Cité through the month of December. Searching for the perfect Valentine's gift for the art lover in your life? From an inventive spin on the St. Louis Cathedral to a Dulac sunset that will take your breath away, this young artist could make your Valentine's heart skip a beat. Check him out at

Vanessa Berkley, Lee Spain
and Nicole Turk

Barry Greer with daughter, artist Candace Greer

Lee and Marty Audiffred and Dan Hare

Kerry Griechen, Jeffrey McCullough,
Lee Audiffred and Kim Landry

Julie Siracusa and Meghan Connell

Jacques and Pauline Royal

Eddie Granger with his paintings

Evan Daigle, Nic Hollier, Stefan Domingue,
Jordan Williams, Quinn Robicheaux and
Lucas Knepper

Evan, Katelyn, Katherine, and Chad Daigle
and Brooke Daigle (front)

Libby Stutes, Grace Reaux and Katelyn Daigle

Jacie Daigle, and Stan and Ann Messinger

Jacie and Evan Daigle