Party Girl

Party Girl 02.09.11

Mallory Page Chastant's contemporary paintings were showcased at the Winter Opening Reception at Rue Du Pont Galerie and Studio in Breaux Bridge. The charming Louisiana-based artist, who divvies her time between her Julia Street gallery in New Orleans and Seaside, Fla., mingled with art lovers and discussed her muted modern style. Fans from Lafayette and beyond admired her works while sipping wine and nibbling on tasty dips, marinated veggies and sweet treats. Seen browsing in the gallery were Elizabeth and Pit Hesterly, New Zealand-bound Superbowl XLIV ad writer Brett Landry and parents Beth and Leo Landry, gallery owner/artist Lue Svendson and exhibiting artist Kelli Kaufman with hubby Henry.

Elizabeth and Pit Hesterly

Kelli and Henry Kaufman

Annik Morgan, Mallory Page Chastant
and Megan Glowacki

Barbara Olinde, Leo and Beth Butcher Landry,
Brett Landry and Joe Giglio Jr.

Dana Hart, Denise Arceneaux and
John Panaro

Kelli Kaufman, Kim Landry and Lue Svendson

Trynd Ristorante and Boutique Lounge was packed to capacity for Festival International's festive Pin Party. Event Rental went over the top with the amazing décor, hanging chandeliers from tents and topping tables with fluffy white-feathered centerpieces. Festival supporters got into the celebratory spirit by donning Roaring '20s-inspired costumes from Old Vogue. Guests sampled chef Dean Mitchell's fabulous cuisine, including roasted veggies, risotto and meat balls, fresh tomato bruschetta, caprese and shish kabobs. Ann Savoy and Her Sleepless Knights serenaded the crowd as sexy "cigarette girls" sashayed through the club selling the colorful festival pins. Artist Francis Pavy signed festival posters to the delight of fans. This year's Festival International runs from April 27 to May 1

Chuck Anselmo, Julie Calzone and Bart Bernard

Gina Aswell and Cathy Hebert

Mauri Robicheaux and Nicky Domingue

Karen Domingues, Ramsay LeBlanc, Kim Neustrom, Mallory Joseph and Leroy Gauthier

Matt Hill, Susan Holliday, Dana Cañedo and John Claude Arceneaux

Odie Terry, Gary and Thelmi McGoffin, and Councilman Sam Doré