Fear of a Honky planet

by Dege Legg

Texas rockers Honky play The Wild Salmon in Lafayette.

If you like anything having to do with Texas and rock and roll, check out Honky. The band traffics in Texas punk and 70s rock part Stooges Funhouse part Urban Cowboy and part backwoods greaser. For over a decade they've been tearing up and tearing down clubs like the journeymen rock heads they were born to be.

Honky front man Jeff Pinkus has had a long and illustrious career in the punk rock underground. From 1986 - 1994, he did time with the infamous Butthole Surfers. Widely known for their crazed psychedelic, freak-core style of punk rock, the band toured nationally and internationally, playing for a massive cult following. One of the most distinctively unique bands of the era, The Butthole Surfers were one of the few bands of the hardcore, underground 80s to actually survive the decade as a unit. In addition, they continue releasing records up into the present.

By contrast, Honky is less about the psychedelics and more about the rock. With a long lineage of 60s and 70s influences to draw on, the band filters them through a Texas-sized swagger that includes country, hard rock, southern metal and good old-time punk rock.

Honky plays The Wild Salmon tonight, Feb. 10. Lafayette's resident old school punks, The Freetown Hounds open the show. They traffic in the same variety of low-down, blues-influenced rock and roll filled at the core with a punk rock ethos and aesthetic.

The Wild Salmonhttp://maps.google.com/?cid=17010355886396826240s=9666022357226338201The Wild Salmon

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