Durel gives 'State of the Parish' address Wednesday

by Leslie Turk

City-Parish President Joey Durel delivers his eighth annual "State of the Union" style address at the Cajundome Wednesday, Feb. 16. City-Parish President Joey Durel will present his vision and action plan for 2011 in Wednesday's "State of the Union" style address organized by The Independent Weekly and sponsored by IberiaBank.

The sold out luncheon event will begin at 11:45 a.m. in Exhibit Hall A of the Cajundome Convention Center.

Durel, who has invited a head table of 20 regional political and civic leaders, says the theme of this year's presentation will be effective cooperation among governmental bodies. "If we want to truly go forward, the most important collaboration should be with local government. I see great efforts in Baton Rouge and plenty of complaining about Washington D.C., and it seems to me that if that much effort was put in locally, we could really make a difference," he says. "It is easier to effect positive things at our level than it is at the national level. As people sit around and complain about government, I will ask them not to put local government in the same category or sentence as the federal government."

This is the eighth annual State of the Parish event, which has sold out every year since the tradition began after Durel was elected in 2003. A limited amount of theatre-style seating will be available for those who do not have reservations for lunch. For additional information, contact Robin Hebertat 337-769-8603 or at [email protected]