Party Girl

Party Girl 02.16.11

All was glitter and gold for Michael Lavergne's 35th Age of Aquarius Golden Gala & Dance Party Extravaganza at the Blue Moon Saloon. Admission was a gold item of clothing or accessories, and boy, did the guests outdo themselves with disco-inspired attire and out-of-sight afro wigs. The dance floor was transformed into a discotheque with tiered gold foil chandeliers and glitzy kitschy décor. By midnight, dance-frenzied guests had torn down the chandeliers and were using them as hoola hoops (including Party Girl, naturally) and wearing Crime Scene tape as accessories. What a wild scene! Dancing the night away in the packed house were Lavergne's PASA colleagues and his closest friends.

Paige Krause and Amy Venable

Heather Newman, Michael Lavergne, Jason Crooks
and Kate Lemoine

Ross Fontenot and Michael Lavergne

Michael Lavergne and Jason Crooks

Paige Krause, Kevin Ancelet, Corey Faul,
Jason Crooks and Colin Miller

Jason Carroll and Regina Reviere

Paul Cockrell, and Tricia and Stafford Barnett

Lian Cheramie a/k/a Cookie Bouillion
and Mandy Migues

K****aren Lippman's outdoor poolside patio was the scene for the King Cake, Champagne and Super Bowl party co-hosted by Lippman, Karmen Blanco and Lisa Hanchey. Big game hunter Duaine Demny cooked up a tender venison backstrap cut in strips, stuffed with cream cheese and jalapeno and wrapped in bacon. Hanchey served up a massive pot of taco soup with fixings, and a cheesy black eyed pea dip in honor of the halftime entertainers, The Black Eyed Peas, and chef John Panaro went the gourmet route with spicy deer sausage over creamy polenta. For dessert, Gail Wolf prepared an exquisite chocolate éclair cake, served alongside an assortment of king cakes from Southside Bakery and Gambino's.
Party On!

Brad Colgin and Duaine Demny

Duaine Demny and Karen Lippman

Patti Reed and Michelle Strohe

Janice Hebert, Gail Wolf and Teri Stelly

Karmen Blanco, Duaine Demny, Emily Guilbeau,
Brad Colgin, Karen Lippman, Johanna Villarreal
and Gail Wolf

Jason Rhodes, Kris Wartelle and
Teri Stelly (front row); Johanna Villarreal
and Brad Colgin (middle row); Duaine
Demny, Karen Lippman, Karmen Blanco,
Amy Romero and Stephen Fournet