Posthaste with Joey Durel

by Dege Legg

City-Parish President Joey Durel is exhausted from prepping for his State of the Parish address, which he'll deliver today, Wednesday, Feb. 16, as part of The Independent Weekly Lecture Series. But the C-P prez broke away from his hectic schedule to answer a few questions from The Inds Dege Legg.

Photo by Robin May

History of Joey Durel in five words more or less.
Born bald, ending up bald.

Which of these nicknames best encapsulates the Durel essence? JoDu, JD or Joey Du?
JD. Short, simple, to the point.

What's the biggest pain about owning a pet shop?

Have you ever gotten a RedFlex ticket? (If so, for what?)
NO (disappointed aren't you?)

Steve May question: What was the unintentionally funniest thing you've ever said in public that you didn't realize was funny till after you said it?
One of the first questions I remember on the radio show was if the new sound wall was going to stay that color. What I said did not quite come out the way I would have liked (big surprise, huh?). My answer was "No, it's going to get dirty." I have had people tell me they almost ran off the road with that answer.

I hear that you're a fan of cowboy boots. Which brand of boot best suits kicking ass in the city government sector? And when doing said kicking, what factors determine the proper amount of pressure to apply to an opponent's rear?
No preference in brand, but a steel toe is helpful. Main factor is based on how hard they may kick back.

Other than talk radio, what does Joey Durel jam in the CD player on his way to work?
Oldies. Takes me back to a time when I really did know everything.

Worst day at the office. Describe.
Have not had one. Seriously.

Best day at the office. Describe.
Yesterday was great, love today, and can't wait for tomorrow.

You ever get the urge to throw a lit pack of firecrackers into Dee Stanley's office and run down the hall?
It was awesome!

Strangest or most out of place thing another politician or business leader has said to you while on the job?
"Correct me if I'm right, but..."

I also liked where I heard a councilman say, "my vote isn't for trade, but if you will support me on my issue, I will commit my vote to your issue." Duh?

Fast Ball question! Evil vs. Garbage. Which is worse?
Evil, because garbage is insignificant. Of course one can lead to the other.

If you could go back in time and choose and alternate career path, what would it have been?
No regrets, I don't look back.