Lights Out in Blackham documentary

by Dege Legg

A new documentary on the University of Southwestern Louisiana (USL) explores the college's bold moves to integrate its sports teams in the 1950s.
Few people know that U.L. at Lafayette (formerly known as U.S.L.) was at the forefront of integration. Specifically, the university integrated many of its sports programs nearly a decade ahead of other colleges in the Deep South and before it was ordered by the federal government to do so and the university's basketball team paid the price. There has been, and continues to this day, to be no mention by any national media outlet of one of the most severe penalties ever handed down by the NCAA. In 1973 the University of Southwestern Louisiana's basketball program was placed on probation for two years. Along with basketball, all sports received four years probation from post-season participation and a nationwide television blackout.

Lights out in Blackham is new documentary is currently being filmed that details the story of the team, the coaches, and the NCAA's decision to punish the university for it decision to integrate.

Lights out in Blackham trailer

Still in the early stages of filming, the production is also soliciting donations to complete the film. For more information, visit lightsoutinblackham.com.