Fight or flight

by Dege Legg

The Blue Moon Saloon hosts a night of indie-dance and abrstract jam rock with Lafayette's Fights and New Orleans' The Other Planets.

Indie-disco dance boys and girls can get their slow wave on Feb. 25 when FIGHTS brings their melodic, dancy-jam to the Blue Moon Saloon for another round of tripping the light fantastico. Composed of Lafayette scene heavyweights, FIGHTS combines indie rock, good vibe, and danceable juju into a groove stew of rad tunes. "The motivation as always is a fire in the heart. I wanted to make people move, to really connect and so I restructured," says FIGHTS frontman Jay Burton. "And that's why it's different from previous projects (Dire Wood). I'm on fire inside. I have to create, I have to sing or I go crazy. 18 years and counting I've been in love with performance. Money doesn't matter just the connection I feel with my audience."

Also on the bills is New Orleans' The Other Planets an eclectic gonzo musical ensemble that combines elements of freak rock, avant-jazz, comedy, and social commentary. Good stuff. Go check them both on Feb. 25.