St. Pat's pride shown at Great Harvest Bread Company

by Anna Purdy

This St. Patrick's Day, the Great Harvest Bread Company, located at 854A Kaliste Saloom Road (across from Fresh Pickens), wants to show Acadiana a good green time.

Inspired by a trip to Texas during Mardi Gras, owners Michelle and J.P. MacFadyen wondered if Mardi Gras celebrations in Texas look strange to people from Acadiana, what must our faux-Irish celebrations look like to the Irish? (Oh, how well I remember the large tent Bennigan's had filled with people whose last names ended with X, wearing Saints jerseys, guzzling beer the color of astroturf like it was the only way to keep from drowning.) This Thursday is their answer to our need for a bit more authentic Irish experience.

Starting at noon, Great Harvest is serving Irish strew, traditional Irish soda bread and a Great Harvest invention called GoudaBeerBread, a title for which there is no good argument against. Former members of Riverdance will do a performance and the band Celjun will play.

While you are there, vote for which non-profit you want to win the 6th annual "Baker for a Day." Which ever non-profit wins gets to come in on a Sunday and Great Harvest donates its location, time, supplies, and some employees and the charity takes hom 100 percent of whatever is made that day. Acadian Oaks Catholic Youth Retreat Center, Autism Society of Acadiana, Change Agent Network, Families Helping Families of Acadiana, Family Mission Company, Healing House, Hope for Water, Maddie's Footprints, St. Joseph Diner and the Volunteer Instructors Teaching Adults are all in the running.