Party Girl

Party Girl 03.16.11

Trynd Ristorante & Boutique Lounge gave patrons a sneak peak of its fabulous new restaurant, martini bar, cigar bar and outdoor patios at two recent VIP Parties. Party-goers sampled freshly shucked oysters, clams and huge boiled shrimp from the iced-down seafood bar. Servers passed around dishes of braised rabbit, bruschetta and fresh caprese on skewers. Special guests were treated to first-rate service and a visit by chef Dean Mitchell in the exclusive private dining room. Sated from the wine and delicious food, attendees adjourned upstairs to the lounge to dance the night away to tunes from the '70s and '80s.

Matt Stuller, Kathleen Haik (standing), Cece Stuller and Nichole Begue

Rachel Conques, Leslie Turk, Stephanie Decuir and Sharon Moss

Kim Neustrom, Dana CaƱedo, Kenny Hunter and Susan Holliday

Kefah and Nidal Balbesi

Linda Terry and Gina Aswell

Julie and Willie Leday