The Dude abides AcA

by Anna Purdy

At 7:30pm on Thursday, March 24 the Acadiana Center for the Arts is throwing a party honoring the most revered bowler in all of cult film history.

For $10 the Big Lebowski Theme Night features a White Russian, mini cheeseburger, entry into costume contest, game of Wii Bowling and admission into the film screening. If you need refills on your signature Lebowski drink additional food and beverages will be available at the AcA's Café. The show begins at 8:30pm with related hijinx before.

Made 13 years ago, The Big Lebowski did a fair turnout at the box office but has since gained status as their most quoted and beloved movie in the quirky manner of cult movie followers. It's the story of Jeff Lebowski who, after being roughed up by gangters in a case of mistaken identity, meets another Jeff Lebowski, "The Big Lebowski," while he himself is "The Dude." After The Big Lebowski's trophy wife is kidnapped and The Dude's best friend, bowler and traumatized Vietnam vet Walter, gets involved, the weirdness gets under way. Meanwhile, all The Dude wanted was another rug that really tied the room together.

Call 233-7060 for tickets or details.