Catahoula's barks again

by Anna Purdy

This Thursday an Acadiana staple returns. Same logo, same location, yet open under a different chef.

Catahoula's has been around since seemingly the beginning of time, functioning as the go-to place for wedding rehersal dinners and nervous daters. With its stellar reputation, fine dining and lights dim enough to hide red cheeks as well as its setting in the very pretty and historical town of Grand Coteau, Catahoula's was an invaluable choice for diners. After a hiatus away it is back with a revamped menu and under the guidance of Chef Rachel Leckelt.

Leckelt earned her degree in food science from the College of Agriculture at LSU. This was followed by studying at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, then back to the states where Leckelt worked as a chef on both the east and west coasts before opening a boutique catering company in Houston.

With a new chef and great new interactive website, Catahoula's is another local restaurant that believes in keeping its fare local. The focus of the food is Southern and French, like it has always been, but with new fresh twists.

Brunch, lunch, dinner and children's menus are available and reservations can be made online. A modern take on an old favorite.