GIVERS get back in Time

by Dege Legg

Local Lafayette band GIVERS is one of ten bands featured in a Time.com article on South by Southwest.

Lafayette's own upbeat-sunshine, rainbow wonders GIVERS are one of the bands featured in a Time.com online article posted March 23, highlighting Ten Acts That Rocked South by Southwest.

The local Lafayette band's talent is equally matched by their energy and ambition. Over the past year they've spent time recording, touring, signing a record deal with Glassnote Records and as of last week, playing a gang of showcases at Austin's annual South by Southwest.


Just try not to smile or dance (or both) when GIVERS sing the bouncing lyrics "Up, up, up for the glow show." I bet you can't. Even if you closed your eyes and denied yourself the pleasure of seeing them play their hearts out at their final show at SXSW, the Afrobeat subrhythms and buoyant melody probably had you on your feet regardless.

These five young musicians from Lafayette, La., are, as their name says, givers. And what they give is bubbly, fun and energetic while showing some serious musical chops. Their talent was honed on tour with David Longstreth and his Dirty Projectors, who clearly had an influence on this band's intricate musicianship. GIVERS recently landed a deal with Glassnote Records (the label for Mumford & Sons and Phoenix) and a new album - their first full LP - comes out in May 2011.