C'est what? BP claims exec hosting Jindal's latest fundraiser

by Heather Miller

Hey, BP: "Stop Stalling." This is "A Cry For Help" from the governor's campaign coffers. "Heavy Oil Hits Louisiana Shores" -ABC News
"A Cry For Help" -ABC News
"Louisiana Governor is Fed Up" -ABC News
"Rising from the muck: Governor Bobby Jindal fights BP" - The Washington Post
"Gov. Jindal to BP: Stop Stalling ..." -Gov. Bobby Jindal's Press Office

Who in Louisiana can forget the days, weeks - months - of news headlines and images of an indignant Gov. Bobby Jindal following the Deepwater Horizon explosion that spawned the worst oil spill in American history, oozed an estimated 4.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico - and drenched the state's already fragile coastline?

Fast forward to Tuesday, March 29 - 22 days before the one-year anniversary of an explosion that killed 11 workers: Jindal is spending the evening at a reelection campaign fundraiser - hosted by a Hammond CEO who's been processing spill claims for BP and later the Gulf Coast Claims Facility since the spill saga began.

The Times-Picayune reports that Mike Worley of Worley Catastrophe Response is holding the cocktail reception for $1,000 a plate. A "host level" seat, according to The T-P, is going for $5,000:

Jindal's office has a policy of not disclosing who hosts the fund-raising events he attends. A copy of the invitation was obtained by The Times-Picayune.

Jindal's spokesman, Kyle Plotkin, said the governor sees nothing inappropriate about the event. "Obviously the governor is running for re-election, and he wants the support of all people in Louisiana," Plotkin said.

Hey, BP: "Stop Stalling." This is "A Cry For Help" from the governor's campaign coffers.

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