You can't lock them out the house anymore, y'know

by Anna Purdy

Playday 2011, a family fitness expo and summer activities trade fair, is aiming to help you and your kids plot the scholastically empty summer months.
Taking place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday at the Kids Specialty Center, a part of Women's and Children's Hospital on Ambassador Caffery in Lafayette, parents will be able to think about their children's fitness goals and what they plan on doing before September. There will be martial arts instruction, football and baseball games, Kinect and Wii Connect interactive sports games, an obstacle course among others. A Kids ER Teddybear Clinic aims to teach kids what doctors do and alleviate their fears about going to get checkups. Height, weight and body index analysis will be available. There is a safety check for car seats for parents with skepticism.

This event is free and put on by the Kids Specialty Center as well as Southwest Louisiana Area Health Education Center.