Booking culture

by Anna Purdy

On Saturday, April 2 the Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation gets by with a little help from its bookish friends.

The Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation (LCEF) is a non-profit that promotes the professional and personal growth of cultural workers (musicians, writers, and other artists). All those free healthcare screenings for musicians you see advertised are but one of an offshoot of these fine people. LCEF also help find grant money for other non-profits or individuals and offers various classes. Scope them out at to read success stories and see if they can help you out.

Tomorrow, if you want a book and can't find it at your local independent bookstore, head over to the Lafayette Barnes & Noble location and whatever you buy a portion is donated to this foundation. Which is very cool. But just as cool are all the guests: Chubby Carrier, Horace Trahan, David Egan, Steve Riley and Joey Richard will be signing CDs. Photographer Philip Gould, one of the creators of "Acadiana: Louisiana's Historic Cajun Country" will be there signing books along with legendary chef Marcelle Bienvenue. Mary Morgan will be signing books on behalf of her late husband, Elmor Morgan.

The donations run all day but the meet-and-greet fun starts at noon with Miss Marchelle and runs until the early evening.

Can't make it out? No problem! Order your books from and put in BookFair Identification Number 10438224 and LCEF still gets a cut. Nifty!

And put your magazines back where you found em. Bookstores hate that.