Band of the week: imagineIAM

by Dege Legg

Combing Quetzalcoatl scronk-hop, indie skiffle, patchouli crunk and a bunch of other rad ingredients, imagineIAM boogies on the radar as this week's band of the week.

ImagineIAM combine Quetzalcoatl scronk-hop, jazzicide, indie skiffle, and patchouli crunk into a broiling rock stew that avoids conventional rock orthodoxy at every turn. Teaming with a wide range of organic instrumentation, the band is intriguing in an avant-go-go sort of way. Throw in a pennywhistle air raid siren with some schizo-rhyme saying and you're getting warm. Add in some electroshock grunts, speaking-in-tongues malapropisms and Fraggle Rock lounge and you are almost on top of the thing that makes imagineIAM unique.