Bach Lunch: It's elementary, Watson

by Anna Purdy

The Grammys may have killed the Cajun/Zydeco category but nothing stops Cedric Watson.
Bach Lunch continues April 8. You can make like Yogi Bear and pack a pic-a-nic basket or drop a few coins on your choice of lunch from Poupart's Bakery, Great Harvest Bread Company, Guamas or the "Hot Dog Man." After writing about him last week I sought out this mysterious Hot Dog Man, AKA Russell Hiltz, and you can't miss him. He looks like Wilfred Brimley with a fancier mustache and a cart full of delicious meaty things. I got the very last pork sandwich and it was worth the seeking.

As for Cedric, he's like the Highlander - there can be only one. They can never take away his Grammy nominations. Maybe we in Acadiana can start some sort of revolution and get people from all over to start playing Cajun or zydeco music, thus reviving the category? Those Germans aren't doing much with their accordians these days...

Food starts at 11:30 a.m., music starts at high noon, the hijinx end at 1 p.m. so get their early and nab a napping spot in the shade.