The Wooden Wings need your help to fly

by Anna Purdy

Have you ever wanted to perform at Bonnaroo Music Festival 2011 in Manchester, Tenn.? Me either, but I can see how others might!

The Wooden Wings, from left, are Graham Beduze, Cherie
LeJeune, Anthony Mikhael, Molly Portier and Harry Rosenberg.

The Wooden Wings are a band that was formed in between Lafayette and New Orleans. Cherie LeJeune, founding member, was living here when the group began. Now based solely out of New Orleans, The Wooden Wings have entered a contest to play at Bonnaroo and they need the public's help to get there.

All you have to do is download a free track from this band, found here. The sound right now, echoed by Lafayette's prodigal children The Givers, is orchestral with an emphasis on harmonies blended like coffee and cream. Think Passion Pit, think Florence + the Machine, think big and think that Autotune is only used by those whose voices are like renegade boomerangs. This is not the case with The Wooden Wings.

It's free, you are helping, and you get cool music in the bargain. It's worth taking the two minutes after reading this to help them out. As of this writing the band is number 6 on the list. You have until Friday to vote.