The Pipeline

The Pipeline 04.13.11

by Dege Legg

Guitarist and songwriter Sam Broussard is a genius. Mercurial, self-depreciating, electrifying, brilliant, eccentric, good - all of it applies to Sam. He's like Kierkegaard jamming with the ghost of Schopenhauer and same railroad hobos ...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Written by Dege Legg

Quick heads-up to everybody: This is my last go-around as music/calendar editor at The Independent Weekly. I will no longer be covering local music on a weekly basis. However, I will continue to be a contributing writer to the paper, knocking out cover stories and stuff. It's been fun - but it's time to move on. Anyone who has followed my writing and music over the past decade, in and outside of The Independent - Cablog, Anatomy of a Scream, Roadlog Tour Journals, etc. - already knows I stay busy ... and when things get stale, I have to make a move. My next major writing project is editing the manuscript for my book Cablog, which details my four years driving a cab on the night shift. Everybody seemed to love those stories, so I guess it is time to get that thing done. In addition, I'll be recording new Brother Dege and Santeria albums, possibly doing a European tour as well as working as a case worker at the St. Joseph Shelter for Men in Lafayette. I salute all my readers, subjects, friends and cohorts at The Independent. Keep fighting the good fight out there, because all the other fights are a tragic waste of time.
All future events, gigs, art exhibits, benefits, whatever (for Calendar, The Grid, Coming Attractions or Road Shows) should be emailed 10 days advance to [email protected].

Guitarist and songwriter Sam Broussard is a genius. Mercurial, self-depreciating, electrifying, brilliant, eccentric, good - all of it applies to Sam. He's like Kierkegaard jamming with the ghost of Schopenhauer and same railroad hobos. From his time in the Grammy nominated Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys to his solo experimentalism, Sam is a class act. With his odd tunings, gorgeous melodies, soaring vocals and dazzling musicianship, Broussard has seen it, done it and reinvented guitar gymnastics according to his own whims. Sam Broussard plays a intimate solo show at the Richard Sale Barn in Abbeville on April 16. This gig is part of the upcoming Spring Series at the Sale Barn. It will feature a special night of music in a unique amphitheater setting with a limited number of 100 tickets sold.  For more information on any of these concerts email [email protected] or call 893-5760.

AcA gets tweaky with the bluegrass and jazz twang this week. On April 14, Tim O'Brien goes full-bluegrass at the AcA theater, coaxing ethereal sounds from his mandolin. Over the years, many well-known artists have needed twang and called Tim on the 1-800-INEED-TWANG hotline - sobbing, cracking up and borderline psychotic. Tim talked them down and added soothing sounds. Those artists include The Dixie Chicks, Garth Brooks, Dierks Bentley, Nickel Creek, Kathy Mattea and a bunch more - loony bastards. On April 16, AcA gets into full-on Ron Burgundy Jazz Flute Mode with Brazilian jazz saxophonist/flutist Carlos Malta. Kidding aside, the guy is a jazz flute legend. Don't forget to splash on some Sex Panther cologne for an intimate evening featuring table-seating just like in a real jazz club. Hell yeah!

This guy is rad. Captured by Robots is a one-man band with one guy backed by a gang of robots he constructed out of metal and other crap. See it for the music, but definitely check it out for the technological spectacle. Captured by Robots plays Artmosphere on April 17.

If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity they will go. If anyone is to be killed with the sword, with the sword they will be killed. Good quote. Revelation 13:10. It has no relevance to this gig, but that doesn't matter. Mitch Fest goes down at Artmosphere on April 16. Go. Kid Midi, Not A Death Ray and El Domania. All good, fun bands. Go.
From the Popol Vuh. The blasted bowels of inner earth had turned to mush. Old quiche, egg whites and seaweed littered the streets. The skies screamed black. Cajun purist Ray Abshire appeared on a nearby mountain and climbed down only to lower a tremendous squeeze down upon his accordion. The blast shook the trees of their leaves. Then the mountains were separated from the water, all at once the great mountains came forth. By their genius alone, by their cutting edge alone they carried out the conception of the mountain-plain, whose face grew instant groves of cypress and pine. Accordionist and vocalist Ray Abshire plays the Blue Moon Saloon on April 14.

Mix contemporary Cajun music with indie folk, first class musicianship and steaming egg whites and you get something that might not be Feufollet, but it sounds cool. Feufollet brings their Grammy-nominated tunes to Rhythms on the River on April 14.  
Country time. Everybody knows Mike Dean jams. Mike Dean plays the Blue Moon on April 15 with Darren Hoff and the Hard Times.

On April 16, The Original Boogie Kings play Lake View Park in Eunice. GoOn April 16, Broken Mojo plays Route 92On April 16, David Egan plays The Roundabout Tavern in YoungsvilleThe Specklers and Blayze Viatar play Artmosphere on April 15. Check 'em outLes Malfactures play Blue Moon on April 16 Coldshock plays Daiquiri Supreme on April 15 Nik-L Beer plays Parc International for DTA! Ryan Simon plays McGee's on April 16 T K Hulin, Steve Adams and Smoke play the Courthouse Square for Opelousas Music & Market