I got 99 problems but 100 Days of Downtown ain't one

by Anna Purdy

100 Days of Downtown is the newest means to promote downtown Lafayette businesses. From April 11 to Aug. 4 a different business located in this area will be highlighted by offering a unique special or discount.
Check these deals out this week:

Today: free gallery admission at Acadiana Center for the Arts and an AcA mug
Friday: register at Bach Lunch to win VIP seating for the lunch on April 29
Saturday: buy a bottle of Johnson's Boucaniere BBQ sauce and get a free bottle of Johnson's seasoning

Aces, right? Every day another deal will be highlighted on Downtown Development Authority's site. Either flash your Facebook check-in status to the business featured that day. flash your daily email message on your phone when you check out or hand in one of the flyers about 100 Days that are flying around downtown.

And actually, pretty much every business downtown is running a deal for each and every day of this promotion. Drink specials, discounts on dining, framing, hair products, services, you name it. This is on top of the daily unique special.