C'est what o‘ the day for 4.15.11

by Walter Pierce

Ready, aim, couplets! you suck hind teat, and there you'll stay
you rant and rave and then you bray
your brain seems drug-mixed fully cooked
you constantly bitch, you're so mistook
your logic is always taken from a book
you swallow lines, bait and hook
Adios, & Ciao Chump
Lam this and Va La Mete
Try to get this thru your tete
Mind games with you is ultra passe`
I'm goin fishin, " Walter enjoy your day
- NORTHSIDIAN SHOTGUN, a frequent voice in the comment section at, responding to gentile fellow comment-generator Gaius Cilnius Maecenas, in the comment thread for the previous "C'est  what o the day"

Read the thread here. It's quite entertaining.