Jukebox hero to town hall hero

by Anna Purdy

"We need the oil industry and we need to protect our environment. This is a way of finding balance between those two," says Drew Landry. After a bout with national fame last summer at the now-infamous town hall meeting where BP met with Louisiana citizens about its seriously messed up snafu in the gulf on April 20, 2010 Landry has become the de facto spokesperson for getting the everyday t-joe heard.

This April 20, to commemorate the past year of oil-drenched birds, beaches, seafood and people Drew Landry, along with Dr. John, Michael Juan Nunez and many more are taking to Tipitina's French Quarter stage at 7:30 p.m. The door amount will be donated to organizations seeking to help those effected financially and health-wise by the oil spill.

Additionally, free shows will be held that night from 6p.m. to 9 p.m. at all Shed BBQ locations simultaneously, from Louisiana to Florida. Landry is asking for donations of guitars which will be signed by prominent recording artists and auctioned off, with the proceeds being divided between the Solution to Pollution project and the Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN). LEAN will be handing out symptom sheets at Shed locations and Tipitina's so that those who have fallen ill can receive help.