Party Girl

Party Girl 04.20.11

Catahoula's restaurant celebrated its grand reopening under new Chef Rachel Leckelt. Based on the fabulous food and wine served at the preview party, patrons are in for a real treat at the rustic yet elegant restaurant in historic Grand Coteau. Servers passed around a unique assortment of delicious appetizers, including mini seafood cheesecakes, crab cakes, fish tacos, duck and sausage pizzas, oysters on the half shell and prosciutto-wrapped strawberries. At the crepe station, Tony Holman flipped up light-as-a feather French pancakes folded over spicy crawfish and asparagus or mushroom and asparagus fillings. Outside on the starlit deck, guests enjoyed a savory sausage and crawfish gumbo. The talented Leckelt hails from a family of chefs from New Orleans and is the first woman in the family to become a chef. She earned her bachelor's degree in food science from LSU, and received her culinary training at the renowned Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Committed to working with local growers and culinary artisans, Leckelt also uses herbs from her own 5-acre heirloom farm to ensure the finest, freshest seasonable fare.

Tony Holman

Sylvie and Philippe Simon, and Denise Marceaux

Lacey and Dr. Chip Lahaye

Catahoula's ice sculpture

Jacques and Pascale Henri, and Robin May

Chef Rachel Leckelt and Jan Skinner

Anthony Dominque and Pete Stevens

Andy Boagni and Angie Menard

Chef John Panaro whipped up a gourmet Mediterranean feast for the Intrigue Dinner Club event hosted by Lisa Hanchey. As music from Andrea Bocelli and Frank Sinatra played in the background, guests sipped Prosecco and wine from crystal glasses by candlelight and nibbled on Italian cheeses and Greek olives. Panaro, assisted by Dana Hart, served an incredible spread including oyster casserole, mixed green salad with toasted pecans, and arugula salad with seared tuna and dried cranberries served with orange vinaigrette. For dessert, the group enjoyed ice wine and chocolate-infused vino accompanied by three kinds of olive oil cake. Delicioso! The fabulously creative Panaro offers personal chef services through his business, Delicious and Nutritious.

Party On!

Brad Rick, Chef John Panaro and Dana Hart

Camille Baker and Ben Landry

Chef John Panaro