Volunteering just got a whole lot easier for Festival International

by Anna Purdy

Festival International is in its 25th year as one of the largest, most international and free festivals going and they need your help to keep it that way. Every year they ask for volunteers to work every aspect, from construction to chauffeuring talent around, and this year the board of directors for Festival is giving everyone another, even easier way.

This year you can go to the corner of Jefferson and Lee streets in downtown Lafayette to volunteer. There will be an information booth where you can see what needs doing and volunteer. Short shifts are a few hours but you can volunteer for longer, as well.

While you will still sign up weeks in advance next year to be a volunteer for Festival International, this impromptu option is now open for those who want to volunteer but are unsure of any time constraints until the last minute. And remember if you can't volunteer you can buy the commemorative pin Festival International puts out every year. You can support as well by buying stuff from local vendors. Example: I plan on bringing a thermos to Pamplona so I can fill up on sangrias. Keep Festival free, y'all!