Highway to the skating zone

by Anna Purdy

Who among us doesn't love fast-moving women in shorts going around in circles and occasionally falling down due to carefully placed elbows? And pizza? And supporting said women by eating pizza?

The Acadiana Roller Girls are Acadiana's local roller derby team and remain undefeated. They compete at Topshelf Sports in Youngsville for home games. Roller derby has been around since about the 1930s, with a revival happening in the 1970s and again in the 90s. This Wednesday at PieWorks, you can help support our team.

At 6 p.m. May 11, PieWorks at 5423 Johnston St. is hosting a fundraiser for Acadiana Roller Girls. A portion of each sale will benefit the team, whether you eat there or do carry-out. PieWorks is known for fresh, unprocessed toppings for its pizzas with handmade dough. Some of the skaters will be there for the public to meet and get informed on what roller derby and our team.

Roller derby is a sport invented in America. Two teams compete in formation skating style around an oval. One designated person on each team is called a jammer, and the jammer earns points by how many times she surpasses the opposing team. It's definitely a contact sport and offensive and defensive plays often occur simultaneously. Modern-day roller derby often has a punk or DIY aesthetic to it, with whimsical yet practical outfits and skaters inventing handles based on puns. (Like Duncan Disorderly, as my friend is known in England.) There are referees, announcers and other volunteers who make the games happen. Often a band performs.