Running with the Bullritos

by Anna Purdy

Move over, quick pick-up Tex-Mex joints - there's a new refried sheriff in town.
Starting May 23, Bullritos is going to be serving up its own type of high end Tex-Mex fare at 2201 Kaliste Saloom Road, on the corner of Martial Ave in the The Shops at Martial. That Monday opening morning if you can take the day off work and really, really dig on burritos, go stand in line - the first 50 patrons through the doors of Bullritos get free burritos for one year.

Russell Ybarra founded the first Bullritos in Texas in 2008. The franchise has now expanded to several locations in Texas as well as one in Georgia and now our very own Hub City. Our economic climate and gastric enthusiasm makes this a welcome spot to open a restaurant before New Orleans or Baton Rouge, it seems.

Bullritos offers tacos, burritos and bowls for the low-carb set. Then you pick between several different types of meats, if any, then onto the toppings. It will serve the typical soft drink as well as margaritas in lime, coconut, mango or strawberry. You can fax in your order, order online, or even download an order sheet to order in bulk for lots of people. Lots as in orders of 25 or more, not in bulk like six really hungry and hungover college guys.

Interesting to note Bullritos is closed on Sundays. "We believe our team members need time to focus on their relationships with family and friends, rest if they need to and, by all means, have fun," is the official word.

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