Ringing Registers

Retail spending jumps 11%

by Leslie Turk

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Retail sales in Lafayette Parish are continuing to rise in 2011, with the first three months besting 2010's first quarter by 9.62 percent.

February's 8.64 percent rise in retail spending was the first sign of what might be a sizeable turnaround in retail activity, and March's 11 percent increase over March 2010 and 24 percent increase over sales a month ago is reason to believe a trend may be developing in this important economic measure.

Total retail sales in March were $475 million, compared with $382 million in February and $427 million in March a year ago.

In 2010, the parish ended up a small 0.78 percent, thanks in large part to a strong showing in December. December spending topped the $517 million mark, making it the fourth highest month on record for the parish, and total sales for the year were $4.8 billion.  - Leslie Turk

Feb-10         $348,790,877
Mar-10        $427,026,295
April-10      $395,713,067
May-10       $392,280,421
Jun-10         $421,643,265
July-10        $381,829,604
Aug-10        $390,761,830
Sept-10        $420,127,826
Oct-10         $390,628,355
Nov-10        $403,997,867
Dec-10        $517,947,093
Jan-11          $369,759,200
Feb-11         $382,025,400
Mar-11         $474,896,101