Dog Day of summer

by Anna Purdy

Tomorrow bring your dogs to play with others in a benefit for the Animal Rescue Foundation of Louisiana.

¡Quiero un pequeño perro para juegos atractivos!

Bring your dogs to play with others at 3 p.m. Saturday is an annual fundraising event for the Animal Rescue Foundation, which serves all Acadiana parishes. Held at Girard Park, there will be doggy summer Olympic games, fun jumps, music, snow cones, face painting for humans, barbeque, a doggy summer outfit contest and, somehow, a doggy bikini contest. Admission is free but donations are welcome. Fees will apply for food and for just a few activities.

There will also be doggy vendor booths for dog hotels, grooming services, pet sitters, etc.

All money goes to help the less fortunate dogs of Acadiana to find homes, be fed, have vet visits and so on. There will be a veterinarian on site to microchip and give rabies shots at discounted rates. There will also be information about what kind of dog to give a "forever home" to and what dogs are available for adoption now through ARF.

Call Judy at 277-2206 with any questions or visit ARF's site here.