Archivists are mad partiers

by Anna Purdy

Tommorrow at Blue Moon Saloon, music is saving the past from the future.
The Center for Cultural and Eco-Tourism and the Archives of Cajun and Creole Folklore are throwing their annual fundraiser, Archive Aid, Saturday night starting at 5 p.m. at the Blue Moon Saloon in Lafayette. This year the money raised is going toward two CDs of rare recordings being pressed and preserved.

To quote the press release, "The funds raised through Archive Aid are necessary for the preservation, management and presentation of delicate historic materials, ensuring they remain intact for future generations and are made increasingly accessible to musicians, scholars and the general public." In layman's terms, the CCET and the archivists are doing their best to make sure the culture of South Louisiana, from its musical recordings to its photographs, to its language and books and documents, are kept safe so that future generations can learn about where they came from and the world can remember our history.

Some of the musicians performing tomorrow are Joe Hall, Feufollet with members of BeauSoleil, Tepetate, David Doucet, Kristi Guillory, David Greely and Anya Burgess. There will also be a Charivari reunion. Both veggie and traditional jambalayas will be complimentary and provided by Warmbelly Catering as well as Dr. Chantel Saucier. Minimum donation is $10 but you are encouraged to give more, if you can.

Can't come Saturday night? No problem. KRVS will be broadcasting live so you can listen in. Then you can buy something online through Barnes & Noble from June 5 through 12 and click that it is a book fair order, then enter code 10479590 - a donation will be given to Archive Aid. Or go into Barnes & Noble and pick up one of the vouchers they have laying around by checkout and present it when you pay for the same thing.

Contact Chris Segura at 482-1320 or at [email protected] with any questions or to donate.