Good reason to watch Jimmy Fallon...finally

by Anna Purdy

Local band GIVERS are going to be on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" Monday along with British comedic actor Simon Pegg and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Whether you are a particular fan of GIVERS, it's always great for Acadiana to be on the national radar. Since their first studio album dropped last week, our prodigal children have been on the move, touring the U.S. playing gigs, festivals and doing any press they can in support of In Light. After being signed to Glassnote Records, a label Rolling Stone calls "the best indie label," GIVERS have been in full swing. Sharing an artist roster wtih the likes of Mumford & Sons and Phoenix is certainly an accomplishment.

Jimmy Fallon is the former Saturday Night Live writer and performer who took over Conan O'Brien's talk show time slot a few years ago. He hosts like a cross between a nervous Angela Lansbury and a very earnest high school teacher in a some "feel good" movie.

Perusing reviews of GIVERS' shows by writers from all over the U.S. feels a bit like showing your home at an open house - strangers peering in to what feels like your private world is endearing and odd. The assumptions made about the "Louisiana sound" are often bizarre and a little bit funny, much like how Jimmy Fallon will probably painfully ask one of the band members tonight if we all keep alligators as pets or how they feel in the big, scary city.

If you want to catch the band on national television, check them out on NBC at 11:35 p.m. or go to the Jimmy Fallon show page here.