DHH Medicaid contract showing more signs of favoritism

by Heather Miller

CNSI Corp., the company slated for one of the largest contracts in the state, wasn't eligible for the work until after its former employee, Bruce Greenstein took over the state Department of Health and Hospitals.

The latest revelation in the contract to oversee Louisiana's Medicaid has sparked an outcry from at least a few state lawmakers as new information points to evidence of possible foul play.

Department of Health and Hospitals Secretary Bruce Greenstein has been under heat in the Legislature for the past few weeks, first for refusing to tell a Senate committee which firm DHH  selected to oversee the state's Medicaid claims, then for finally admitting that his former employer, CNSI Corp. of Maryland, was the chosen one.

The Advocate reports the contract is worth an estimated $300 million over the duration of the 10-year agreement, which is why Greenstein has repeatedly maintained that he removed himself from the selection process.

But Greenstein now admits he not only changed the contract requirements after taking DHH's top post, he also met with his former colleagues from CNSI and other bidders during the proposal process:

At least one of the emails, dated Jan. 7, suggests Greenstein was more involved in the bid process than he had previously disclosed. In that email, Greenstein discussed the fine points of the bid requirement during a time when he had said he had no involvement in the process.

He also has acknowledged meeting with executives at CNSI and other potential bidders to discuss his "vision" for the contract and the state's overall expectations.

Observers expect more grilling of Greenstein, who has yet to be confirmed by the Senate, when he appears before a Senate committee Wednesday for another confirmation hearing.

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