Local writer shows her Super Woman Panties in public

by Anna Purdy

A fete for Julie Ann Jolivette's new book, Interviews with Super Women Panty Wearers, is being held this weekend.

On Saturday, June 18 at the Community Coffee House in River Ranch, Julie Jolivette, an author who has been writing since she was 12, is hosting a "Sip n Sign" book launch to celebrate her book, Interviews with Super Women Panty Wearers. Jolivette will be available to sign copies, answer questions and possibly do a short reading from her book.

After losing her mother to ovarian cancer as a child, Jolivette took up writing as a way to communicate and soothe her pain. Now she has compiled interviews with women who are mothers, from the U.S. and beyond, as they talk about everything from baking to raising children to losing family members. In the same vein as Chicken Soup for the Soul books, this book is about the strength women have in adversity and serves to inspire.

Jolivette is the mother of three children and works as a business manager during the day and a writer the rest of the time. This is her fourth book and more are on the way.

To honor her late mother's struggle, $1 from every book sale is being donated to the American Cancer Society from now until the end of August.

Come meet Jolivette from 4-6 p.m. at Community Coffee. If you can't make it you can snap up a copy of her book here.