Bibi's Patisserie baking on Pinhook

by Anna Purdy

What started as a way for couple Nathan Raffel and Hannah Ellaham-Raffel to help their diabetic parents ended up in a great and healthful baked business venture.

Bibi's Patisserie is coming to 1321 West Pinhook, where Back in Time Photography used to be. The sweet treats will be free of sugar, gluten and preservatives and some treats will be vegan as well as mostly organic.

Before you wonder how something could be delicious without being chockful of the traditional baking fare, try it out. This business began because both Nathan and Hannah wanted to treat their parents to something delicious that wouldn't exacerbate their diabetes, so after a lot of research and even more cookbooks they discovered that not only would their wares help diabetics, but those suffering from celiac disease as well.

The Raffels have planted a pumpkin patch behind Bibi's so come fall fresh pumpkins grown on sight will be in the pies and muffins. "We believe that people should know where their food is coming from," says Nathan. They will also have about a dozen teas to choose from, also organic, and there are no to-go cups. "We have lots of cozy seating. We want people to realize it's okay to sit down and relax for a few minutes."

Traditional cinnamon rolls and those with orange zest, cakes, danishes, naan, croissants, bagels, and muffins that come in lemon poppy seed, strawberry, chocolate and banana nut to name just a few. Cookies and brownies, too.

The bakery should be open by the first weekend in July by the latest. Look for Bibi's Patisserie to eventually be sold in some local grocery stores, as well. Check out their Facebook fan page here or give them a ring at 356-5645.