News Briefs

Reagan joins The Times of Acadiana and Revett's leaving KXKC


Conservative talk show host Michael Reagan, son of late President Ronald Reagan, is the newest addition to the pages of The Times of Acadiana. We could care less if he's conservative or liberal ' his writing's just awful. Michael does not have the gift of communication that his father did; consider the sweeping stereotypes and fact-challenged writing in recent Reagan columns:

"The illegals that come here for a job or for some other reason don't come to become American citizens."

Hmm, we didn't know that Reagan knows the motives of every illegal alien who enters the United States.

From a recent column on Barry Bonds:

"Forget about the fact that long before he ever used a single strength-enhancing drug he was a stand-out star on the baseball diamond. Wrote Boston Herald baseball columnist Tony Massarotti: 'Barry Bonds was a Hall of Famer long before the steroids and he is still a Hall of Famer now.' In my book, that's what counts. Barry Bonds is a baseball player. If he's not a really nice guy, that's another story. What matters in baseball is the ability to play the game well. ... That's what counts in the game. This whole steroid use business has been grossly overplayed â?¦"

Tell that to the millions of parents trying to educate their kids about the dangers of steroids and the pitfalls of cheating.

And the kicker, from a column on earthquake insurance in California:

"â?¦ The generous Mayor [Ray] Nagin did not stop there. He urged those [New Orleans] residents to take advantage of a buyout program that would pay them up to $150,000 for their property. Need I tell you who's going to foot that bill? It won't be insurance companies ' most of the residents in the affected area didn't have flood insurance. â?¦ Here in California we don't worry about hurricanes, broken levees or blizzards. We worry about earthquakes. â?¦ We can protect ourselves from having to pay the ruinous cost of rebuilding our homes after a massive quake by buying earthquake insurance, just as the people of New Orleans could have protected themselves from Katrina by buying flood and windstorm insurance."

Data compiled by the office of Donald Powell, federal coordinator of recovery and rebuilding in the Gulf Coast region, shows that two out of three New Orleanians ' 67 percent ' carried flood insurance, compared with a national rate of approximately 5 percent.

It will be interesting to see if new TOA Managing Editor Gene Williams will ever see fit to actually edit Reagan's columns. ' Scott Jordan


Lafayette's top rated morning radio program, The Breakfast Flakes, is about to be reduced to a single flake ' Scott Daniels.

Renée Revett, Daniels' talented co-host for the past 14 years at 99.1 FM KXKC, is relocating to Houston after May 5, where her husband has landed a new job. A replacement has not been named.

Never taking themselves too seriously, the smart and informed morning show personalities often had their listeners in stitches with their lively format, which also made them popular with country music stars, a number of whom they've befriended over the years (Revett counts Billy Dean and Brad Paisley among her closest). "I've met everyone, [including] Willie Nelson and Garth Brooks. Kenny Rogers came and sat in on my show Feb. 24. On March 2, Clint Black played guitar and sang," notes Revett, who also served as program director during her entire tenure at KXKC.

The 45-year-old says the move will allow for some much-needed R&R. "I've been getting up at 4:15 since 1986," she says. Revett plans to take up golf and continue to do voice work ' keeping some Lafayette clients.

The Comeaux High grad's radio career dates back to 1977. In the near term, she'll be returning to Lafayette regularly to plan her 22-year-old daughter's wedding and says her heart will never be far from the Hub City. "I'll always have a connection to Lafayette. I can't imagine becoming a Houstonian," she says. "I think I'm going to be a Louisianan who lives in Texas." ' Leslie Turk**