Look for the red telephone booth

by Robin Hebert

The Royal Standard sets the standard for home furnishings.I believe it is finally time to act (I mean that loosely) like a grown up and buy nice furniture. I'm not in college and am living with a hodgepodge home-style with no where to sit or eat. I convinced myself I am minimalistic but in actuality I wasn't concerned about décor.  But now's the time; I want to entertain and be comfy at home.

I felt like a secret shopper at The Royal Standard taking photos of items that caught my eye.  I must admit the gals there were very knowledgeable and helpful. The Royal Standard has an array of antique furniture, original art and to my surprise, jewelry and handbags!  I also found a huge selection of barstools and benches. Those can come in so handy beings everyone wants to hang out in the kitchen. It is the heart of the house after all.

One part of the store I felt as if I was walking in Jefferson Street Market again and the other fabulous home-settings lurking around every corner. If there's a unifying theme, it's a respect for tradition. I took a few snap shots for you all to see what's "Ind-store".

The Royal Standard is located at 2015 Johnston Street, Lafayette. 337-289-1144. Look for the red telephone booth!