Fats are good? What???

by Robin Hebert

Ask the Food Coach on July 19 at The Whole Wheat Eatery.

Fat:  are we clearing up the misconception?  Just recently local dietician, Daphne Olivier partnered with Jean Goodman of The Whole Wheat Eatery to get the message across to a group of individuals that eating certain fat can benefit us.  As a healthy guru, Nichole Dupuis Barras (one of The Independent Weekly's Account Executive extraordinaire) thought she knew it all.  Boy was she wrong. Nichole learned a few tips that I will share with you. (see below)

Daphne graduated from University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a BS in dietetics and completed a dietetic internship at the James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital in Tampa, FL. Prior to moving back to the Acadiana area, she lived in New Orleans working with the expanding diabetes population.  She now has her own business called, My Food Coach, located at 412 Travis Street (Oil Center).

Objectives discussed were:

What is fat and the different kinds of fat?

Role of fat in the body.

History of low fat diets.

Daphne recommends sticking to the mono and poly unsaturated fats.  Stay clear of those TRANS FATS!!  Did you know that the darker the olive oil, the more beneficial?  Daphne explains, "To have a good quality of life is an investment that we must make."

Daphne's next presentation at The Whole Wheat Eatery, "Sugar-How Sweet It Is" will be Tuesday, July 19 at 6:30 located in the Oil Center at 927 Harding St. Call if you have any questions 337.269.1958 or [email protected]