Lafayette's anti-social meet social media

by Walter Pierce

They don't call it Facebook for nothing.

They don't call it Facebook for nothing. New to the social media mega site is "Busted in Acadiana," a page begun recently out of Lafayette devoted to posting the mug shots of the metro area's miscreants, ne'er-do-wells and scofflaws, with a smattering of the wrongly accused and to-be-exonerated-later thrown in for good measure.

Astonishingly - or not - more than 32,000 people "like" the page, which offers fans an opportunity to rail against the dregs of society and to ridicule their unfortunate quirks of physiology. Take for instance James Lee Abshire Jr., arrested recently for simple burglary and contempt of court, on whose ... let's call it "acoustical acumen" ... the chattering Facebookers directed their incandescent humor: "sha tee tee.. when good elves go bad," commented one. "FRODO! :)" chimed another.

Somewhere in the uterus of this thing is a Charles Bronson revenge fantasy with the umbilical chord wrapped around its neck.

The site is kissing cousin to "Drunk in Acadiana," a Facebook page dedicated to - you guessed it - photos of our less-than-upstanding citizenry in various states of drunkenly undress, questionable consciousness and bearing magic marker graffiti about their faces and midriffs, most within some proximity to a bathroom floor or the asphalt of a parking lot.

Truly, I say unto you, our civilization is in decline.