Life is too short not to look FAB every day

by Robin Hebert

Is it too hot in the kitchen?  Do you need new home décor?  Oh, and how about that sassy tunic to go with that!

Coco Eros Owner, Jill Fremin will celebrate her two year anniversary in October.  Coco Eros, the unique boutique to find fabulous shoes, jewelry and eclectic fashion is located at 340 Kaliste Saloom Rd next to Marcello's.   All collected by Jill Fremin, the queen of fashion with an eye for smoking' style.

"I opened Coco Eros because I have always loved fashion," she said. "It brings me so much joy to search for fabulous items for you at various markets and then to see the items I choose all come together in Coco Eros and for my customers. I thought I could most express this in a store. I view Coco Eros as my own personal closet that people can come and play in."

Jill has added a new flare to her high-end boutique.   She is introducing her own gourmet line, Coco's Gourmet.  Here are just a few of the gourmet dishes that she offers: Crab Brie Soup, Soups, Seafood Pies, Stews, Pecan Dream Desserts, Bread Pudding, Fig and Apricot Torte, and Oils and Dressings, Etc.  All packaged and ready to eat.  Jill also has furniture, home décor/accessories that can be customized to your taste.  You might not know this but Jill's assistant, Emily offers professional alterations!

"Coco Eros has evolved over the last two years", she said. "I started out with only apparel. Now, I have jewelry, outerwear, shoes, purses, hosiery, and much more.  I so enjoy working with my customers to find the perfect outfit or to add a fabulous shoe or accessory to update their existing wardrobes.  It really is fun for me to change a customer's perspective and add some spice and fun to her life." 

"People often don't think they can wear a certain item, and they can...just need a little encouragement and that is what we at Coco Eros are here for", she said. "Life is too short not to look FAB every day!"

I'll have that Candace Kelly Jumper, those Volatile Shoes, San Benito Ring, and Seafood Soup for dinner oh and a Lamp for my dinette to go please!

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