Beer, you win again

by Anna Purdy

The World Beer Championships have awarded a silver medal to Acadiana's Bayou Teche Brewing's LA-31 Biere Pale.

Right now Bayou Teche Brews are only available in Louisiana and Mississippi but that is set to change with its recent win. This competition, for which The Independent Weekly would like to be asked to judge, is held yearly be the Beverage Testing Institute. Judges who are professionals in the field of and art of beer are sequestered and subjected to a blind taste test, knowing only the category of beer and nothing else. Out of the 100 points on the scale by which beer is measured for this competition Biere Pale scored an 89. According to LA-31's press release a synopsis of the judges' descriptions of its flavor reads, "These notes also suggests the beer has aromas of grainy corn flour, nut brittle, lettuce and roasted turnips interestingly taco-like with a round, dryish, medium to full body and crisp, okra and grassy hop bite."

No matter what a beer being "taco-like" means it doesn't change the fact that our locally brewed beer from Arnaudville took home the silver medal. Not bad for a beer only released a year ago and yet to have a national following. It's currently sold in bottles and on tap and looking to expand soon to be sold in Alabama.