Is ya hot sauce HOT?

by Anna Purdy

The history of the McIlhenny family and Tabasco business is coming to In Your Own Backyard next week courtesy of the Center for Cultural & Eco-Tourism.

Avery Island has been home to the McIlhenny Corporation for nearly 150 years. Edmund McIlhenny planted pepper seeds given to him from Latin America and began what is arguably the most famous hot sauce empire if not the world over, then definitely in America. Over half of the company's 200 or more employees lives on Avery Island. It's grown to such a degree that Tabasco even employs its own archivist to detail and catalogue its history.

This Tuesday that archivist, Dr. Shane K. Bernard, along with two descendants of the McIlhenny family, will give a talk at Vermilionville as part of the Center for Cultural & Eco-Tourism's In Your Backyard series that highlight the important facets of our Acadiana history. Bernard will discuss settling on Avery Island and show artifacts from its history, discussing the people not only in the family but the workers who made it possible.

This series is always free and family-friendly. It starts at 6:30 p.m. and questions will be taken from the audience. Food and drinks will be sold. Call 482-1320 for more details.