Party Girl

Party Girl 07.13.11

Well-wishers gathered at Le Centre Internationale de Lafayette to bid farewell to Consul General of France Olivier Brochenin, who was promoted to deputy chief of a mission of the French Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa. But the real surprise was the medals of the French Embassy to the U.S. presented to Le Marquis de Lafayette committee co-chairs extraordinaire - first lady of Lafayette Lynne Durel and businesswoman Virginia Stuller - who organized more than 100 events to honor the 250th anniversary of the Marquis. David Domingue coordinated the festive fĂȘte with beaucoup de vin and delicious apps from Bonnie Bell's Bistro. Also attending was Honorary Consul General Dr. Dana Kress of Shreveport, the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities' Humanist of the Year.
Party On!

David Domingue, Joey and Lynne Durel,
Virginia Stuller and Olivier Brochenin

Mary and Warren Perrin

Olivier and Rina Brochenin

Olivier, Alexandre, Benjamin, Raphael and
Rina Brochenin and Joey Durel

Pauline and Jacques Royal

Pauline Royal and Dana Kress