In the windmills of your mind

by Anna Purdy

"Don Quixote" is riding into Acadiana Center for the Arts this Sunday.

The Louisiana premiere of composer Robert W. Smith's Symphony No. 3 "Don Quixote" will be performed July 17 at the James D. Moncus Theatre. The Acadian Wind Symphony will perform the four-movement work as conducted by Gerald Guilbeaux. Not only will this be the first time Smith's version of Don Quixote is performed in Louisiana, it will be the first time a large acoustic ensemble will utilize the new state-of-the-art theatre space, acoustically built and tweaked to maximize sound.

The novel Don Quixote is about "the man from La Mancha" who is enchanted with the chivalrous stories of noblemen and knights from years past, sets out to be a hero, righting wrongs and saving damsels. Along the way he picks up his sidekick Sancho Panza who acts as a foil for the protagonist, a sounding board and the plot's straight man. Written by Cervantes in the 17th century, think of it as the precursor to Hannah Barbera's Hong Kong Phooey and his striped cat, Spot, as well as being the first "buddy movie" that invades modern movie theatres weekly.

"Don Quixote" is set in the Iberian Peninsula of Spain, which informs Smith's composition. Julie Giroux's "La Mesquita de Cordoba" and Alfred Reed's "El Camino Real" will also be played by the Acadian Wind Symphony. The performance begins at 3:30 p.m. Tickets are $15 for the general public or $12 if you are a member of AcA. Call 233-7060 to purchase tickets.