WOMANBOMB performance tonight at Cité des Arts

by Anna Purdy

Local playwrights and actors come together for a staged reading of a postmodern piece about ther ferocity of war from a young girl's point of view, minutes before her death.

Tonight at Cité des Arts at 6 p.m. the play WOMANBOMB will be performed by local actors Martha Diaz, Christy Leichty, Allan Graubard and Caroline McGee. It was written by Croatian playwright Ivana Sajko and has received worldwide acclaim, being performed in Europe, the Netherlands and across the United States.

Living in war-torn Croatia inspires Sajko's work, most of which is political. This piece began when she emailed 20 friends and asked them the question that became one of the central themes of WOMANBOMB: What would you do if you knew you only had 12 minutes and 36 seconds to live? She wove their responses into this piece which has the characters of a 17-year-old suicide bomber in her final minutes before she decides to carry out her plan to kill an unnamed politician, a BBC journalist covering her story and two mothers mourning their kids.

Tickets are free if you reserve them by calling Cité in advance at 291-1122.