Carpe Diem-it!

by Robin Hebert

Alas, Gelato in Lafayette!

Last night was the grand opening celebration at Carpe Diem Geloto - Espresso Bar where gelato is their specialty and they have awesome coffee by Cuvee. For those who are not sure what gelato is, it is an Italian frozen dessert, similar to ice cream. Its ingredients include milk and sugar, often combined with fruit, chocolate, liquor, spices, or nuts. Unlike ice cream, gelato often does not contain cream, and has substantially less fat than ice cream, making it a healthy, high quality gourmet delicacy.

Their gelato at Carpe Diem is made daily from only the freshest ingredients. I am dying to try the avocado gelato, and I hear from a close source (Aileen Bennett) that #24, her favorite, is made with the strangest combinations but always surprisingly amazing. Maybe they can try marshmallow and Italian dressing with a hint of cod-that way it'll be like the jambalaya of gelatos. Mix dat and create dat, cher!

While you're there you can't help but notice the lovely mural at Carpe Diem. It was painted by artist Wayne Ditch, who is best known for his fine art restorations and automatic landscapes, created an incredible vision exactly like owners Erik Graveson and Silvia Bertolazzi had imagined. Side story about the mural: the bridge is Ponte Milvio in Rome. Lovers go there to toss the keys to the lock that have their names etched on the metal into the river signifying their love is eternal. Once the keys were swallowed by the river, the locks were then attached to a chain on the light posts along the bridge for all to see. It's very romantic and not only is Silvia, who is from Italy, bringing a piece of Italy to Lafayette with the Italian specialty gelato but a sense that romance is alive and here, so seize the day Silivia and Erik have!

Carpe Diem is located at 812 Jefferson Street, downtown Lafayette just walking distance from the Filling Station and the Juliet and across from Bonnie Bell's Bistro. Also you can find Carpe Diem! on Facebook.

Photo below: The first lock to be mounted on the wall at Carpe Diem!