Decon debate set for Thursday

by Walter Pierce

Bruce Conque and Don Bacque will make their respective cases for why the Lafayette Home Rule Charter should/should not be repealed.

Debate may be too strong a word, but a prominent proponent of repealing the Lafayette Home Rule Charter and returning to separate city and parish forms of government, along with an equally outspoken opponent of deconsolidation, will make their respective cases Thursdays evening at the South Regional Library.

The TEA Party of Lafayette-sponsored town hall meeting will pit former City-Parish Councilman Bruce Conque, who favors deconsolidation, against former state Rep. Don Bacque, who sponsored the legislation in the Legislature that led to "consolidation" of the city and parish of Lafayette in the 1990s. A Q&A session will follow the presentations by Conque and Bacque.

To find out more, call 232-4495.